Øxenholm Marble Jr

Born 1981, grey (born dun), 146 cm, ELITE premium awarded, sire: Marble, dam: Song of Littlerath, sire of dam: The Fugitive, breeder: H.B. Nielsen, Øxenholm, Denmark

Øxenholm Marble Jr, photo: Susanne Leijonhufvud Øxenholm Marble Jr was born in 1981 at the Øxenholm Stud in Denmark. His sire was the legendary Marble who had won at Clifden Show and at the international Connemara Pony festivals in Denmark and Sweden in the end of the 70's and beginning of the 80's. Marble Jr has been awarded gold at many in-hand shows and he has been given as much as 45 points (out of 50). He has been given the highest mark (10) for type and 9 for both walk and trot. In 1986 Marble Jr was placed first at the performance test (shared victory with Dale Haze). Marble Jr was awarded an ELITE-premium in the year of 2000, this because of his excellent progeny that has done so well both in-hand and in the performance arena. He has been at the top of the Swedish Connemara Pony Society's Sire Conformation Rating the last ten years. Marble Jr is also found as number 10 at the Sire Performance Ranking for 2006, that makes him the highest placed of the now living Connemara pony stallions in Sweden.

Øxenholm Marble Jr's first progeny were born in Denmark and among them you find three licensed sons: Laerkens Catch Me, Skatholm Commander, and Teglstrup Duke. The last-mentioned has left two licensed sons: Baunely's Dipper who was exported to Germany and Skousboue Hero. Among Marble Jr's progeny in Sweden there are one licensed stallion, several diploma awarded mares, a winner of the performance test, Supreme Champions at in-hand shows and successful performance ponies. His licensed son Janus has many wins in the in-hand arena and he has also competed in dressage. Janus is also used by AI and he has progeny in Denmark and France.

Øxenholm Marble Jr, photo: Susanne Leijonhufvud In 2002 the well-known breeder Padriac Hynes (Canal Stud) was invited to judge the Swedish national breed show. He was impressed by a daughter of Janus named Shade's Cailin and chose her as Supreme Champion. Two years later the national breed show was judged by Henry O'Toole (Castle Stud) and also he liked Shade's Cailin and made her Supreme Champion. The result of these two visits was that Janus was brought over from Sweden to spend the 2006 breeding season at Henry O'Toole's Castle Stud in Connemara. He has covered about 25 of Connemara's best mares and this is an opportunity that has never been given to a Swedish bred Connemara pony stallion before.

Marble Jr has a gelding son named Phalcon who has been very successful in Show-jumping. He has victories in "Ridsport Pony Cup", he has been placed at the Swedish Championship in show-jumping and he has won the Nordic Championship in show-jumping. Marble Jr also has progeny that has competed successfully in dressage; they are Cornelia II, Eriksbyns Buck and Önnarps Amaretto. The mare Lofty Jolly Rambler won the performance test in 1995, in 1994 she was Supreme Champion at the Swedish national breed show.

Some of Marble Jr's grandchildren have also had success during the last years. In 2006 a granddaughter named Lofty Hazy Rambler (sire: Frederiksminde Hazy Chance, dam: Lofty Jolly Rambler, sire of dam: Øxenholm Marble Jr) was chosen Supreme Champion at the Swedish national breed show. At the Danish national breed show 2006 there was another granddaughter who was Supreme Champion, her name is Bank's Vanilla and her sire Teglstrup Duke is a son of Marble Jr. The above mentioned Shade's Cailin (sire: Janus, dam: Silver Shade, sire of dam: Viggen) has been chosen Supreme Champion at the Swedish national breed show twice and reserve Supreme Champion once.

Øxenholm Marble Jr, photo: Susanne Leijonhufvud Marble Jr has been shown at many in-hand shows through the years and he has been elected Supreme Champion and reserve Supreme Champion at the national breed shows. Regardless to nationality of the judge he has always got very good remarks, among others for his excellent type and his lovely trot. The most eloquent characteristic of Marble Jr is his wonderful temperament. He is a true gentleman who is easy to handle and always kind and nice to his mares and to people, even though he is old he is alert and lively. However his kindness and will to cooperate makes it possible for his current rider, a 12 year old girl, to bring him out regularly.